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Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Guideline

Thanks to the tattoo for a long time, you can forget about decorative cosmetics. Semi Permanent makeup is ideal for those who have an active lifestyle. This procedure is particularly suitable for those who are allergic to cosmetics. You will always be sure that your makeup is flawless at the swimming pool, in the sauna, on the beach, or at the gym.
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To enjoy the tattoo as long as possible, it is necessary to observe the rules of care after the procedure of permanent eyebrows makeup. The specialists of the Face Figurati Cosmetic Tattoo studio will advise how to properly care for the skin after the process of tattoo that the color for a long time remained saturated, and the contour - is clear and smooth.

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare in the first days after the procedure

The proper eyebrow tattoo aftercare is the key to the beauty and longevity of the permanent eyebrows. The day before the session, refrain from alcohol and do not drink coffee and other energy drinks on the day of the procedure. This can increase the outflow of the lymph so that most of the pigment will not take root.

How to take care of permanent eyebrow makeup? Let's start in order. Immediately after the tattooing procedure, there may be some swelling and redness. You can relieve the symptoms with a dry cold compress. The skin will be excreted with a drip, which a lotion can remove with chlorhexidine. The remedy disinfects the injured area and prevents complications.

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The following day the eyebrows' shade will seem too bright and unnatural. The master deliberately injects more dye, as blood and lymph wash out the pigment in the first few days. Continue to use chlorhexidine to clean and decontaminate your skin.

On the second day after the cosmetic tattoo the beginning of regeneration. During this period, you should not touch or scratch your skin. Crusts can not be removed. They must descend on their own. Otherwise, there will be gaps in the tattoo, and the figure's contour may be broken. Every 4 hours, treat the affected area with chlorhexidine, which protects against bacteria, and reduces swelling and redness.

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Permanent eyebrow makeup care: a reminder for everyday

Moisturizing and softening the skin and eliminating unpleasant itching will help with applying cosmetic Vaseline. After treatment with chlorhexidine, dry the skin with a cotton pad and apply a thin layer of ointment. Care for Melbourne eyebrow tattoo requires the observance of specific rules:

Forbidden facial cleansing, peels, scrubs, and other procedures can damage the epidermis.

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What to smear the eyebrows after the tattoo

After the tattooed eyebrows need careful care of the skin of the face, the dye will take root entirely if you follow all the recommendations of the master. It is strictly forbidden to use wound healing agents, which the specialist did not mention. Uncontrolled self-treatment can lead to unpredictable results. Do not treat the skin with alcohol-based antiseptics; use alcohol-containing lotions and tonics. This will provoke additional inflammation and peeling, which can cause scars and scars.

Hydrogen peroxide should not be used as a disinfectant: it will cause too hard crusts, after which gaps in the color will form. Use petroleum jelly to soften damaged skin in the lip area and eliminate itching and discomfort.

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Rules for the care of the crust formed.

How to care for the eyebrow tattoo in the following days? The appearance of peeling on the 3rd day after the procedure is a natural body reaction. The dead epidermis is gradually replaced by young, healed skin. Crusts may peel off intensively and spoil the appearance. You will have to endure for a few days and not remove the scales. Therefore, it is better to plan the procedure of tattoo on vacation. For some girls, after the powder coating, peeling is almost invisible. The severity of the symptoms observed during the healing process depends on the body's individual characteristics.

It is important to remember not to remove the crusts, as this will damage the fresh skin, and the healing process will increase significantly. Use chlorhexidine and cosmetic Vaseline for faster tissue regeneration.

How long should I not wet my eyebrows after permanent makeup?

How to take care of the tattoo, and what not to do? Wait to wash your face after the permanent makeup procedure until the crusts disappear entirely. This period excludes visits to the gym, swimming pool, and sauna. If you decide to take a shower, try to cover the eyebrow area well with a towel and do not get your face wet. Use toners and lotions to cleanse your skin.

How to Care for Eyebrows After Tattoo Removal

Care after the eyebrow is permanent and after its removal is the same. In both cases, the skin is damaged, and it is noticeably peeling. Appeared crusts also can not be removed. It can lead to infection and inflammation. There is no need to wash your face, as water softens the damaged skin, slows the tattoo healing process, and can cause disease.

After removing a tattoo with the laser removal, treat the skin with sterile tissues, and remove excessive blood with a tampon moistened with chlorhexidine. Do not wear makeup until the tattoo is completely healed.

The consequences of improper care

Before you change your appearance, ask the master how to properly care for the eyebrows after the tattoo. Failure to follow the rules of care can lead to unpleasant complications:

With proper tattoo care, a minimum of correction will be needed.

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