What to Wear Daily


Our goal is to build an amazing service to help you quickly start and plan your day, every day.

What is the What to Wear daily report?

The What to Wear daily report is a simple email that I hope is the most informative 30 seconds of your day. The email contains recommendations about what to wear and other helpful information based on the weather. It answers basic questions people have like "Will I need an umbrella?" or "What kind of jacket do I need if I go out tonight?". The email is short and easily scannable in a few seconds. The goal is usefulness!

How does it work?

I use a weather API to grab today's weather data and then make suggestions about what types of clothes to wear. I deliver this information to your inbox every morning in an email. You can sign up here.

Where do you get the weather data?

I get the weather data from the Forecast.io weather API. Forecast.io is a very accurate weather service that aggregates from 19 different data sources.

Where did the idea come from?

You can find out how What to Wear got started here.

What areas do you cover?

We cover only Greater Boston right now. We're working on building the service to scale across the entire United States. You can subscribe to the email at http://whattowear.io with any U.S. zip code, and you'll automatically start to receive the daily email when we roll it out to your area.

What are your plans for the service?

The plan is to make What to Wear an incredibly valuable service for normal folks like you and me. That means making the weather report and clothing recommendations reliable enough that people enjoy reading and using them. If I can make the email valuable enough then more and more people will want to read it.

Who created this?

What to Wear is created by Joshua Porter, a product designer who lives in Newburyport, MA. I'm the long-time publisher of Bokardo.com and was most recently the Director of UX at HubSpot. Now I'm working on What to Wear full-time. My goal in creating this is to make a simple, useful service that helps get started with their day.

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