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"What To Wear is my go-to, first thing I do in the morning. It sets me up for my day!" - Ashley
"It is way more fun than looking at the daily forecast." - Megghan
"I love my daily email from What to Wear. It's a quick overview of what I need to know and saves me time." - Mary
"I love being able to see the essentials for the day all in one place." - Molly
"I find it to be a useful, concise digest to start the day and it has now become part of my morning routine. - Carl
"I can get weather reports pushed to me every morning, no problem. But not with such character, and not with clothing recommendations, workout time suggestions, and pollen warnings all in one email." - Dave
"I love the whole “what to wear” focus of this weather app; most others are just focused around “here’s the weather”, and leave it to you to sort out what that means clothing-wise. Which is the hardest part of the weather!" - Jeff
"It's become habit...I check this one email and start waking up and thinking about what I should plan to wear that day." - Ashley
"I drive an hour every day and that means spring and fall morning temperatures are very different when I go home. This helps me figure out what to wear, rather than a guessing game. Plus it's a nice good morning. :)" - Nicoletta
"It's the first thing I read in the morning. I literally hear my alarm, press snooze, check What to Wear, then sleep for awhile longer. I didn't listen to the suggestions one day and was incredibly pissed as I walked to work in the mist sans rain coat." - Caroline
"I literally rely on What to Wear to tell me what to wear every single day. It has accurate predictions of the weather, it tells me when I should exercise, if i can ride my bike or not... it basically interprets the weather and puts it in an everyday, understandable form for me to apply it to life. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have What to Wear..." - Natalie
"Super easy to use, also been very accurate - more reliant than other apps (ie Apple's weather app, weather.com, etc), more info than just temp - great!" - Joe
"Deciding what to wear in the morning used to make my mornings 20 minutes longer and 10x harder. The email makes my morning a relative breeze." - Amy
"I love having a realistic weather report in my inbox each morning. It gives me a chance to figure out my outfit before I even get out of bed and it helps me make sure I am totally prepared for my morning commute (bus stop, bus ride down 93 and 1+ mile walk to my office). " - Caroline
"I (use What to Wear) to decide what to wear and whether I bike to work that day or not. I'd be pretty lost without it now. It simplifies my life." - Kevin
"I have spent too many sunny days carrying around an umbrella, too many slushy days in indoor flats, too many windy days without a hat--the list goes on. What to Wear helps me make logical decisions." - Katie
"I wake up to it every morning! I commute into Boston from the North Shore, so getting an accurate read on what the weather will be like where I'll be spending most of my day is imperative. Also, I'm awful at interpreting forecasts (temperatures aren't a concept I can easily grasp), so the outfit suggestions are priceless. I don't need to know how cold it is or what percentage chance there is of rain, just tell me what to wear and what to bring with me!" - Weezie
"It is the first thing I look at every morning! And I use it to decide when to work out. The sun rise/set thing is especially helpful since the season are changing, and the iphone weather app doesn't give me that info." - Katie
"What to Wear saves me a lot of time while making sure I remember everything I need on my way out the door!" - Faryal
"WTW provides me with a quick peek at what to expect. It's not just about weather, it's about feeling prepared for the day ahead. Feeling prepared to take on the day is important; from confidence in how I look to physically feeling comfortable." - Gwen
"It starts my day. Weather. Clothing selections. Sports. Quotes. It has it all." - Treacy
"It is an easy go to spot for weather in the morning...when my wife asks me every morning what the temperature is going to be now I have a answer." - Matt
"I check it every day, it's a nice way to make sure I'm prepared for my commute across Boston." - Caitlyn
"What to Wear is the most useful email I read! It really helps me to decide what I should wear in the morning based on the weather. I really love getting this email in the morning, it's something that I always look forward to seeing in my inbox." - Ashley
"I read it every morning before I get dressed! (Even before I brush my teeth!) I like all the little extras too. You're not JUST what-to-wear, you've got so much more to offer. =)" - Jaclyn
"I rely on the daily emails to get dressed appropriately in the morning and to bring necessary extras - umbrella, scarf, jacket in the evening, etc. This is especially nice at this time of year when the weather can vary so much." - Heather
"It's always the most accurate weather forecast around! Especially when it comes to transition weather (i.e., summer to fall) or on days with chances of rain. Before What to Wear if there was rain in the afternoon I'd always forget an umbrella. Now that isn't an issue!" - Grace
"I look forward it it every morning! It's the first thing I look at when I wake up and the tone is so pleasant. Even when it's going to be a rainy, dreary day it still makes UK Online Sports Betting  me happy to get the daily email." - Laura

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