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The most informative 30 seconds of your day. The daily report is an email containing clothing recommendations and other helpful info based on the weather. Sent to your inbox each morning.

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What’s the first thing you look at on your iPhone in the morning? Ok, besides your email. Besides Facebook. It’s the weather! Why? Well, chances are you’re doing it to answer one, simple question: What should I wear today?. Answering that question is exactly what this report aims to do. The What to Wear daily report answers questions like:

  • Will I need my umbrella today?
  • What will I need to wear if I go out after work?
  • Should I grab my sunglasses?
  • Should I wear a medium or heavy weight jacket?
  • When is the best time to exercise today?
  • What are the roads like today?

Our goal is to be instantly useful, to give you a quick overview of the weather and clothes situation so you can go on your way.

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