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“Thank you @whattowearbos for starting my every morning with a little fashion/motherly advice, a little inspiration and a little laugh.” - Shiela Fey

What's in the email every morning?

1. An instantly-readable weather report

A weather report you can read in five seconds. No scrolling or sifting through piles of weather data, just a simple display that gives you an overview of the entire day at a glance.

2. Clothing and gear recommendations

Should you grab your umbrella today? Wear a jacket? Long sleeves or short sleeves? The answers to the wardrobe questions you ask every day are already answered for you in the What to Wear daily report. Save time making wardrobe decisions every day!

3. A little clothing inspiration

For days when you want some extra juice choosing what to wear we've built some Pinterest boards to help inspire you. Wear your clothes in new ways or in new combinations.

4. Commuting and exercise tips

Should you walk or bike on your commute today? Should you exercise early or late? We answer those questions for you, too.

5. Sports team schedules and headline news

Know when your favorite teams are playing and whether they're home or away (in case you live in the city and home games affect you). We also give you a snapshot of headline news so you know if anything interesting happened overnight.

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